Why to visit Russia?

26 Augustus 2016

Russia is a very big country, the biggest one in fact. If you wish to visit this magnificent and widely underappreciated country here is another list of things you can do to make most of your visit there.

  • Maybe the most emblematic Russian symbol, The Red Square, is a must for everyone who desires to fully discover to Russian experience. The Red Square or Krasnaya Ploshchad is stocked to the brim with the most stereotypical Russian monuments, like the Kremlin, the GUM department store and the St Basil’s Cathedral. It spawn over an area of 2, 3000 ft. that were used for the May Day Parades the communists took so much pride in. Today the square is one of the most emblematic Russian attractions and a must go to place in Russia.
  • Lake Baikal. The biggest lake in the world, this body of weather hold a fifth of the total drinkable weather supply of the world. It is positioned close to the Mongolian border and it is renowned for both its clarity and its depth. The best time to experience this wonder is during the summer months, but if you like to snowmobile winter is also fine. Just remember to take warm clothes with you.
  • Lenin’s Mausoleum. The embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin is on display for everyone to see and admire for as long as 1924, when it was first displayed. This is an odd experience, but one to consider for the sake of history.
  • Nightlife in Moscow. The famous capital doesn’t go to sleep after the night has fell. There are exception selections of night clubs to choose from in Moscow and some more extravagant choices where luxury really means luxury.
  • For every mountain enthusiast out there, Russia comes with the perfect preposition. Mount Elbrus is the tallest Caucasian mountain, standing above 18,500 ft. high. It offers a great climbing experience and week long trekking circuits that are specially selected for those who want to look down at the world.
  • The Kremlin is one of the most emblematic symbols of Russia. For most people’s surprise, you can actually go and visit the Kremlin. There you can see the famous armory museum and the Faberge eggs collection.
  • The Trans-Siberian Railway is another one of Russia’s famous attractions. According to some it is the most iconic rail journey in the world. If you embark in Moscow it will take you a full week to reach Beijing. This route takes you through some of the planet's most wild and less explored places. The full route covers about 5,600 miles in length.
  • Other great places to visit in Russia are Vladivostok, Volgograd, the Yusupov Palace and the Zero-gravity flight, were you can experience weightlessness. This is part of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut training plan and can be experienced at Star City.

To experience all of the above you need a Russian visa that unlike many visas require an invitation letter that can only be sent from someone from Russia, but don’t loose hope, let us do all the work for you and give you a visa invitation letter to Russia at the price of some pocket money. It’s almost instant.

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