The cost of Russian visa invitation

17 December 2016

All foreigners who are going to visit Russia have to obtain Russian visa.

One of the documents foreigners have to provide to council is Russian visa invitation. So one of the most popular questions is what is the cost of Russian visa invitation. Of course it varies from agency to agency and depends on price policy of each company providing invitations and the level of service they suggest.

Also the cost of Russian visa invitation is different depending on the country of issuance.

For example the cost will be higher in more expensive countries with high level average income and lower in others. In addition it’s important to remember, that apart from price for Russian visa invitation you will have to carry expenses of council payment for Russian visa. Anyway total expenses are usually not very high and are affordable for anybody who wants to visit Russia. Our agency provides services of issuing Russian visa invitation to foreigners for fair and reasonable prices. You can always find all the necessary information and cost in the appropriate page of site.

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