Russian visa for Thai citizens

19 July 2017

In the past few years, Thailand is rightly considered the most popular tourist destination among Russian citizens of all ages and any level of prosperity. A lot of tourists annually leave to rest on exotic resorts, thereby giving birth to the citizens of Thailand also want to visit the homeland of people who are so fond of their country. Also worth noting is the large number of freelancers who are leaving for Thailand because of the cheapness of life, the beautiful climate and cheerful people. All this has the effect of a boomerang, and that's why more and more Thai people are trying to get a tourist visa from Thailand.

Business - Do Thai citizens need a visa to Russia

As you know, Thailand is rich in exotic fruits, which in Russia can not be found in almost any store, so many local residents decide to open a business in Russia. Naturally, in this case, also need a Russian visa in Thailand, which can only be obtained by providing all the documentation that indicates the purpose of your trip, and the key element in this package of documents is an invitation.

Is it difficult to get a tourist invitation to Russia from Thailand

Yes, this is a really scrupulous and laborious process. If you do not trust local "one-day firms" that promise instant issuance of a legalized document for a penny, you are doing the right thing! Such organizations will only withdraw extra money from you, and in return they will be given an invitation, which in most cases will be counterfeit or expired, or do not correspond to the purpose of your trip. Thus, you risk being in a situation where you can be deployed back on the border.

In order not to be embarrassed in this way and not to be left alone in a foreign country, we recommend initially cooperate with experienced firms, following our example, which will ensure that you guarantee a successful trip to Russia!

Visa to Russia from Thailand

Type of visa The price Processing time Validation period
Tourist visa invitation 65$ 24 hours 1 - 30 Days
Business visa invitation 407$ 15 Days 3 Months
435$ 15 Days 6 Months
462$ 15 Days 12 Months
Private visa to Russia Why We do not recommend using a private visa?

Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Thailand

Consular Section of the Embassy

  • Phone: (8-10-662) 234-20-12, 268-11-71.
  • Fax: (8-10-662) 237-84-88.
  • Business hours: From Monday to Friday - from 09.00 to 12.00.
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