How to get Russian Visa for Sudan citezens

02 Augustus 2017

Do Sudanese citizens need a Visa to Russia?

Of course, every Sudan citizen needs to get Russian Visa. A foreigner who decides to attend Russia need to receive vise in Russian embassy.

How to Get Russian Visa from Sudan?

For receiving Russian vise, Sudan citizens need to appeal to a consular office and write a special application form. Beside of this they need to show a documentary list and inviting letter. A person from Russia should issue this inviting letter. There are various types of inviting and visas. Let’s talk about them more detail. Inviting and visas correspond each variety of inviting. They rely on a visiting goal. In a majority of situations foreigners issue such types of vises:

  1. Vise for tourists – for instance, seeing views and tourism.
  2. Vise for biz – for instance, parleys and biz appointments.
  3. Private vise. But it would be much cheaper to utilize traveler’s visa.
  4. Vise for working process.

Where to apply for a Russian visa in Sudan?

A vise may be received in consulates of Russia in Sudan. A schedule of consulates of Sudan, their personal numbers and traveling map you can get advising with our experts. 

Visa to Russia from Sudan: the types of visas. 

If a human decides to visit Russian Federation for visitors’ goal, so he should get vise for visitors. For doing this he will need an inviting for visitor. You can quickly issue an inviting going to the Travel Agency. But not every agency will give you an inviting to Russia. Only the places that have their own reference number. Visitors inviting is not regulated, thus they can be printed in any form. But in this inviting should be written info about the travel agency, invited foreigners, the plan of tripping dates. In the consular Sudan institution after getting visitors’ inviting needs to argue that the goal of the journey is really tourists’. This procedure utilizes to all the foreigners comprised the schedule of migratory-hazardous. If all the documentaries represented by a foreigner are in order a positive solution has been taken of the decision of releasing a vise to him, a visitor’s vise will be received to Russia for the period due in an inviting. This period will last for 30 days.

Russian visa in Sudan

If a foreigner needs visiting Russia with a private visit, an inviting party (for example, Russian friends) should reach agreement a guest inviting for him. For doing this, a foreigner who decides to invite a person from Sudan needs to appeal to the FMS department at his residence and a guaranteed paper in which an inviting person takes all of assumes obligations by him, medical care and remedies of existence for all the time, while he will be visiting Russian Federation. 

Russian visa for Sudan passport holder

After the expiry of the established period, the foreigner who represented the intercession will be given either a dispute written refusal of an inviting of the MBF letterhead.  The foreigners who decide to visit Russia in order to sign an agreement or extend their biz ties, you should employ for a biz vise at the consulate of Russia. If foreigners need to get documentaries for the review of the question of acquisition a biz vise, it is needful that any institution in Russia executes it and sends them a biz inviting. 

Russian biz inviting for foreigners can be issued in 3 diverse points:

  1. Organization’s paper.
  2. On a blank of the FMS.
  3. Telex.

The inviting is written on the letterhead of the inviting institution and includes a defense to the consulate of Russia abroad to issue a biz vise to a person. 

Russian visa for Sudanese citizens

You will also need varied papers, such as a letter warranty, that is necessary for reasons where the foreigner’s country is on the schedule of migratory-hazardous.

Get now tourist voucher to Russia (Voucher, Confirmation)

An inviting by Teleksom comprises guides to issue a biz vise a separate outlander. The convenience of such an inviting is that it doesn’t to be sent by e-mail: an invited person needs only to inform the Telex number. 

Russian Business Visa from Sudan

Biz vise is single, multiple and double. You can get them up to 1 year. We expect this article was interesting for you and now you understand how to get Russian vise from Sudan. If you accept with all of these instructions you will have no problem with offering Russian biz vise to the Sudan. You just need to understand all of the written instructions and follow them. There are lots of other types of vise which you can get with the help of our company. We suggest you to be impatient. 

Working vise for foreigners

If a person decides to receive vise because of which he can live in Russia all the year, and that needs to be extended a durable number of times, he should find a Russian employer. The firm should have resolution to rent work from overseas. Each company which is interested in foreigners’ arriving will send all of the necessary documantaries and the national authority to a person with the help of an express mail. After you will receive these documentaries a person can extradite a vise and arrive to Russia. Than a person needs to arrive to the order of employer. The control over the fact it does not break the vise mode falls on a hirer. A working vise can be issued for a 1 year. You can refurbished it every year at the same time.

Visa to Russia from Sudan

Type of visa The price Processing time Validation period
Tourist visa invitation 151$ 24 hours 1 - 30 Days
Business visa invitation 661$ 15 Days 3 Months
689$ 15 Days 6 Months
716$ 15 Days 12 Months
Private visa to Russia Why We do not recommend using a private visa?

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