Russian visa for Spanish

01 July 2017

If Spanish citizens planning to visit Russia, a mandatory requirement in order to do this, is a visa. The process of obtaining this document requires invitations. It is a special paper, which must be filled in natural or legal persons (in other words, the host).

In addition, acceptable for travel agencies to send an invitation to residents of Spain.

The main reasons for obtaining a visa are:

  1. tourism;
  2. intention to visit someone from Russia;
  3. negotiating;
  4. work in the Russian Federation.

All causes require a visa.

For the first cause is necessary to obtain a tourist visa. It operates up to 30 days.

The second reason requires a private visa. It lasts for up to 90 days. But getting a tourist visa more logical and cheaper.

If a resident of Spain is negotiating, the best choice will be a business visa. She turns up to 1 year and may be renewed several times.

The last visa is working. Its purpose is to allow to work in Russia (only if you have permission to work). It lasts for up to 3 years (with extension).

What points are needed?

  1. To obtain the invitation;
  2. To pay the fee;
  3. Fill in the form.

We wish you success!

Visa to Russia from Spain

Type of visa The price Processing time Validation period
Tourist visa invitation 37$ 24 hours 1 - 30 Days
Business visa invitation 370$ 15 Days 3 Months
398$ 15 Days 6 Months
427$ 15 Days 12 Months
Private visa to Russia Why We do not recommend using a private visa?

Embassy of Russia in Madrid

Address: Madrid, C/Velazquez, 155
tel. (8-10-34) 91-562-2264, 91-411-0807
fax: (34) 91-562-9712

Consular Division of Embassy in Madrid

Address: Madrid, c/Joaquin Costa, 33
tel. (34) 91-411-2957
fax: (34) 91-562-7830

Consulate General in Barcelona

Address: Barcelona, av. Pearson, 34
tel  (34-93) 280-02-20, 280-54-32
fax: (34-93) 280-55-41, 204-02-46

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