Russian tourist visa for EU citizens

21 October 2016

European citizens who plan to visit Russia have to obtain a Russian visa.

How to get Russian tourist visa for EU citizens? First of all, the EU citizen must get an invitation to Russia. It is done officially by the inviting side - it may be a person (a relative, friend, or business partner of an EU citizen) or an organization registered in the Russian Federation (the company of business partners, the employer, travel agency, etc.). After receiving an invitation, the foreign national must collect and submit to the Russian consulate documents (the list can be specified in the Russian consulate it self or on its website, for different types of visas require different documents) and pay the visa fee.

EU citizens who want to come to Russia to explore the architectural sights, visit a museum or to improve their health at the Russian resorts can get a tourist visa. Invitation to Russia in that case is issued by travel agencies accredited for such visa type activities.

Appearance of tourist invitation is not regulated. Therefore, travel companies publish it on their letterhead. In the tourist invitations have to be specified the details of tour agency, passport details of tourists from the EU, reference, number of cities in Russia which he plans to visit during his trip. In addition, in the tourist invitation are specified schedule of trips and the number of entries allowed. Receiving the invitation for travelling usually takes no more than 1 day. Tourist visas to Russia for EU citizens are issued for a period of 1 to 30 days. A tourist visa can be single or double.

Visa application procedure is carried out on the territory of the State in which the candidate resides. If a citizen of another country wants to enter Russia for a longer period, to the basic package of documents he needs to make a certificate confirming the absence of HIV infection. The validity of such certificate - 3 months. Russian visa for citizens of the European Union is made within 7-10 days.