Russian tourist visa application form

15 October 2016

​​​​​Everyone who wants to visit Russia, as a tourist, needs an russian invitation letter. This invitation letter is mandatory for your visa. This invitation, also known as the visa support letter, is usually sent by a relative or friend who is located in Russia. But since not everyone has a Russian relative or friends, services like have been put into place. The need for such a procedure arises from your own safety concerns. The local authorities need to know that once you arrive in Russia, you have a place to stay and someone to take care of you. Otherwise someone may end up wondering around aimlessly, with no place to sleep and no knowledge of the local language and habits. Therefore the local authorities have elected a law that implies certain regulations when applying for a visa to Russia, one of these regulations being the mandatory invitation letter. The letter, as I said earlier, can be procured from friends, family and relatives, but it can also be obtain from local hotels, institutions or representatives. Some choose to obtain the invitation by themselves, by contacting the local hotel where they will be accommodated, the institution where they go with business or by simply asking a friend or family member to send one to them. But this procedure is usually laborious and takes some time. If you don’t have the time or resources to obtain such an invitation you can apply online for one. There are many online services that can offer you a visa letter of invitation, such a this website . Here you can buy your invitation, in a legal manner and benefit from it just like you would do from an invitation that was sent by your friend, relative, hotel or institution. Most people choose the services of because it is a very easy method of obtaining such an invitation letter, it’s cheaper than other methods and it’s one hundred percent legal. 

How to get a russian invitation letter

To get your invitation letter from this website, you only need to access the first page of the page and insert the required data. After you have completed all the required fields, you’ll need to pay the service and once you do so, you will instantly receive a mail containing the required invitation letter. Afterwards you can add your add invitation to Russia to your other required documents and deposit them to the local authorities. The application for your visa will be processed by the government authorities in maximum 30 days. Don’t worry, it usually doesn’t take that long for your application to be processed. As an additional note, it is important to mention that hotel invitations are only relevant if you wish to stay less than 7 days. If you wish for a prolonged visit you should choose one of the other methods of acquiring your visa invitations: the friend or family options or even better, the online procurement one. The online procurement method is accepted by the visa authority, is cheaper and faster than any other method and comes with other benefits such as customer support and directions. ​​​​​​​