Russian Federation

16 Augustus 2016

Russia, also known as the Russian Federation, is a sovereign state of Eurasia. With more than 17,075,200 square kilometers, Russia, is the largest country in the whole wide world. If you where to take all the human inhabited landmass in the world, Russia would consist of one eight of it. That is how huge the Russian territorial expansion is. Because it spawns from the northern parts of Asia to Eastern Europe, Russian extends through eleven time zones. Expending above such a wide coverage of land, Russia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and also possesses lands considered still virgin, in this era of wide exploration and deep travel. 

Russia has had a tumultuous past that has reached its peak during the communist era, it was the birth place of communism after all. But since 1991, when Boris Yeltsin has been elected the first President in all Russian History, the country has changed. Now everyone can admire its beauties and majesty either by venturing there as a tourist of in the purpose of work or study. Either way, going to Russia requires that you have a visa. Russian visas can be obtain only if you posses and invitation letter from a Russian party. But don’t be discouraged, in today’s world it has become very easy to obtain the much needed invitation letter. You can get an invitation letter either from a friend, a family member or an institution, be it educational, economical or statal. Still can’t get an invitation letter to Russia? No problem, there are specialized site, just like this one, where you can apply for a legal Russian invitation letter and receive it almost instantly and at a very low price also.

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The Russian topography consist of vast expansions of plains with heavy forests in the northern part and steppe to the south. Russia also has one of the most notorious mountainous ranges in the world, the Urals and 23 miles of coastline where you can see both the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. With thousands of rivers and countless inland bodies of water this country contains one quarter of the total amount of drinking water present on earth, the Baikal Lake alone conjuring one fifth of the total amount of drinking water present globally. The seer size of Russia makes for a humid continental climate, which can be experienced in most parts of the country, with the tundra being an exception, where the subarctic climate present in the most northern European parts of Russia and Siberia being the other exception.
Russia is a great country that deserves to be visited and now, because of the services online sites, just like our own offers to the public, Russia is, methaporicaly speaking, closer than ever before.

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