Russian federal migration service invitation letter

25 January 2017

Second most popular visa among foreign tourists travelling to Russia is business visa. It allows one to stay in Russia for longer period and enter several times compared to tourist visa. However there are some differences in business visa application. For business visa tourist has to receive Russian Federal  Migration Service invitation letter. This document is obligatory for applying business visa to Russia

It can be received either with the help of the inviting company or travel agency.  The most common way is to engage the services of travel agencies. In that case the visitor’s centre applies to Federal Migration Service and pays certain processing fee. After a few days of consideration by FMS the answer is received. The federal migration service invitation letter is sent to client by post (if the original paper is required), by fax or by e-mail (scanned version). Previously there used to be a possibility to send it by telex directly to Russian consulate, but now this service is available only in extraordinary cases.

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