Visa to Russia from Oman

30 July 2017

Do Omani citizens need a Visa to Russia? Of course, it’s their necessity. Foreigners should employ for a vise to have an opportunity for visiting Russian Federation. 

Where to apply for a Russian visa in Oman?

For receiving a vise, you have to go to the embassy of Russia in Oman. The duties are not just present lots of papers to the appropriate agency, but either shows an inviting writing to Russia and paying a consular fee. Either in this instance, you will be available to open vise. Someone Russian citizen may afford an inviting for you. Also, it may be Russian entitled entity. Every visiting purpose treats with its proper invite type that extradites in a particular method. There are lots various visas that correspond the proper invite variations. Mostly spread documentaries are:
⦁    Tourists’ vise – for instance: touring.
⦁    Biz vise– for instance: special appointments. 
⦁    Private vise – as a variant, visiting close people. But it will be really rationally & to receive a vise for tourists. You will spend a minimum amount of money in this case. 
⦁    Vise for work – working in Russian firm.

Russian visa for Omani citizens

If Omani citizen wants to attend Russia as a visitor, he should contact with embassy. There he needs to show documentaries’ schedule with a visitor invite paper. Omani can receive it by reaching tour firm entitled in a Federal agency of tourism. You’ll get the inviting on the special letterheads. It is a reason why invitations from different agencies of traveling don’t look like each other. Get now tourist voucher to Russia (Voucher, Confirmation).This kind of inviting consists with 2 parts:

  1. a voucher of a foreigner and
  2. special verification.

You can get the documentary in 1 hour. 

Visa to Russia from Oman

In this inviting should be such info data as juristic address, the agency’s name, link number and personal info about the Omani people. Either there must be names of cities that person decides to attend, entries’ number and supposed dates of visits. An activation of the visitors’ Russian vise can’t be more than a month (such info you can find in inviting paper). Such documents are for single and dual entries. 

Russian visa in Oman (private type of visa)

If the foreigner decides to attend Russian Federation on private goals, he will need to go to an embassy to receive a private vise. But firstly he needs to receive a homestay documentary. This inviting group should be sent to Oman.  The inviting group can be an individual or legal entity.  A legal entity applies to invite you to the Migration Service. For receiving the paper, you have to offer a query with a big amount of documentaries. The considering of query takes at least 17 work days. 

Russian Business Visa from Oman

Such variety of vise is demanded all of the foreigners, who want to establish new biz partnership. They demand a biz inviting paper for receiving vise. Russian company which would be concerned with their visit will send this documentary. This documentary is a paper, in which the main director appeals for receiving biz vise for the foreigners. 

Russian visa for Oman passport holder

The foreigner, who decides to work in Russia, first of all should find an employer, who would accept the list of the documentaries and info to get a work vise on him. It is only one way to receive it. 

How to Get Russian Visa from Oman?

People who decide to go for working should receive a special paper to attend the region. In the paper should be written the goal of work. But heretofore a person needs to receive personal permission for work. All of the liability will be on a man who gives work for Omani. And he will be accountable with main important documentaries he received. After accepting the documentaries an employer sends them to Oman to allow you get the vise. 

Actually, there is no problem with getting such type of vise. People from another country just need to understand that if you would follow all of the above instructions and will listen to our recommendations, you’ll have no problems with receiving the vise that is really necessary for you.

We hope this article was interesting and impressive for you. And now you definitely know how to achieve Russian Vise from Oman. 

Visa to Russia from Oman

Type of visa The price Processing time Validation period
Tourist visa invitation 113$ 24 hours 1 - 30 Days
Business visa invitation 661$ 15 Days 3 Months
689$ 15 Days 6 Months
716$ 15 Days 12 Months
Private visa to Russia Why We do not recommend using a private visa?

Embassy of Russia in Oman (Muscat)

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