Medical Insurance Policy for obtaining a Russian Visa

29 July 2019

If you are on leave, want to visit Russia to see its sights, or you have an important B2B meeting, or you are going to get an education at one of the Russian Universities, in this and in any other case, you’ll need an insurance policy. Sudden sickness or accident on a foreign countries generating huge medical expenses can be dealt with a policy. It can ensure your safe trip and free of any worries. By using your medical policy, you can cover all medical outlay might cause traveling to Russian Federation. Medical expense policy is a very important document, without it, you’ll not obtain a visa and go through customs control.

I don’t have a medical expense policy – have I pay the penalties?

Yes, according to the Russian Federation legislation the foreigners can be liable to a fine in a case of default of medical policy. This rule does not apply to Ukrainian citizens.

What requirements are set up for a medical expense policy in Russia?

By the law, a tenure of medical expense policy in Russia should equate to a period of your trip, cover the damage of urgent hospitalization, and be valid on a nationwide scale.

What outlays can cover my health insurance?

Policy buying for traveling to Russia usually covers almost all medical expenses:

•    Ambulatory treatment,

•    Hospital care,

•    Medical transportation cost,

•    Prehospital emergency medical care,

•    Emergency transportation to home country.

Of course, this is not the whole list of services a medical expense policy can deal with. Apart from the above, you also can favor some optional functions, for example, if you have an allergy, you may insure yourself against losses in case of an exacerbation. Besides, there are also a few types of additional options of insurance you can choose:

•    Accident insurance,

•    Baggage insurance,

•    Air travel insurance,

•    Insurance covering trip cancellation,

•    Public indemnity insurance,

•    Insurance covering losses resulting from pregnancy complications

•    Insurance of industrial risks etc.

Some types of insurance also cover losses resulting from losing your papers. In this case, you will be able to obtain the replacement for free.

Can I receive payment for flight delay?

Yes, if your flight was delayed for more than four hours while your medical policy is obtaining, you might file an application for refund of charges within the set limit. The charges can include buying of beverages and essential goods. It is important to remember, that you have to provide all till slips, checks etc. along with the application for obtaining of such payments.

Is it necessary for me to purchase additional functions for my policy?

No, however much depends on the region of country you travel to. The level of danger ranges oriented by the region.

What can happen with me?

1. You may be injured by a wild animal.

2. You can get sick with the flu, cold, etc.

3. You may contract from insects (especially from a tick).

4. You can gas.

5. You can get frostbitten or sunstroke.

Also, you should not forget about the risk of robbery and larceny, although cases of this sort are on the decrease, you should take care of your safety.

Where can I get the help?

If you have any problems with your health, you can ring the number 112 for advice. You will get free help only in the Red Cross. There are a lot of branches of this organizations around the area of the country, the main office is situated in Moscow.

How can I get free help?

Contact one of the subsidiaries of the Red Cross using a number and/or address on the official website. If you are in Moscow, contact:

•    Address: 117036, Cheremushkinskiy pr-d 5, Moskva, Russia,

•    Tel. 499-126-75-71, (7) (499) 126 75 71,

•    E-mail:,

•    Working hours: Mon-Fri - 09:00 to 18:00.

Where can I get paid medical care?

You can apply for paid help in any private or state clinic. The level of health care in Russia is quite high, so if you contact a doctor in a timely manner, you will have no reason to be worried about your health.

Where can I obtain a medical expense policy?

You can obtain it online on the website by filling out a form. It needs only 10 minutes! After it, you just need to print it! The printed copies are accepted by all visa consulates and centers. In addition, the copy is sufficient to get by customs as well as for insurance money.

Get your health policy online! Just specify following information:

•    The number of persons and their age;

•    Personal data;

•    Surname, name, patronymic as given in the passport;

•    Period of stay in Russia;

•    Contact information.

After that, you’ll just need to arrange payment by a credit card or PayPal.

How can I use the health insurance policy?

If you experience an insured event, you will need to contact the insurer. The contract of insurance shall pay the sum specified therein upon the happening of an insured event. Use one of the numbers specified in the policy. First of all, after connecting the operator, you should provide such personal data as:

•    Surname, name, patronymic as given in the passport;

•    Insurance policy number.

After, you can explain the operator what happens and leave your contact information. The operator will contact you with your answer and provide the information about clinics you can get help.

It is important to remember you will be able to avoid misunderstanding if you keep all bills of sale, drawings and other documents evidencing your costs for treatment. Only in this case, the insurer will cover all medical expenses.

What if I need urgent medical help?

Please, contact a doctor or go to the nearest medical center, then:

•    Bring him your medical expense policy;

•    If necessary, pay for urgent help and medical supplies;

•    Keep all checks, drawings and other documents are received from the doctor evidencing your costs for treatment;

•    Contact the insurer for an insurance claim.

What documents do I need to receive from the medical center?

You need to have such documents as:

•    Invoice statement which must be written on the letterhead or be stamped by the medical center. Such document must include: the name and diagnosis of the patient, the date of getting urgent help, duration of treatment, data on provided services and received meditations, as well as their quantity and cost.

•    Recipes are written by the doctor with the description of each drug.

•    Another bill certified other services are provided, containing the exact date of providing and cost.

•     Checks, receipts and other documents certifying the purchasing of drugs.

•    Telephone bills containing such information as phone number, date, time and cost of each call.

How fast do I need to inform my insurer about the happening of an insured event?

In case you receive an inpatient care, you will need to contact your insurer within 48 hours agreeing all the costs from the moment of your hospitalization to the moment of actual payment. You can use telephone numbers specified on your policy.

If the cost of your treatment, regardless of its type (outpatient or inpatient) exceeds 1000 euros, you will need to make agree with your insurer in writing before the start of treatment. Contact the insurer via fax, internet or in other ways. The answer must be received by you in the same way.

In other cases, you need to contact your insurer about the happening of an insured event within 30 calendar days from the moment of its occurrence.

I have planned surgery and treatment. Will I get compensation for it?

No, planned treatment, as well as planned surgery, is not an insurance event. You will not receive any insurance compensations. Only sudden and unforeseen illnesses and injuries are insurance event.

What is payment for medicinal expenses?

When the insured person is injured or sick, the insurer that has provided the medical policy is undertaking to pay the medical expenses, which cover:

•    expenses for hospital ward beds, diagnosis, and assessment, purchase of necessary medicines, as well as use of the operating, resuscitative and outpatient procedures provided for by clinic;

•    payment for a qualified doctor and services provided by him;

•    medical expenses required during treatment including outpatient tests and services, prescribing medicines, therapeutic services, anesthesia services, as well as blood transfusion, radiography, and prosthetic appliances;

•    costs for the services provided by a qualified nurse.

Where can I find out the terms of my insurance?

The terms of your policy with a description of the insured events will be indicated on the paper you can print after the processing of policy.

How much insurance will I have?

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the sum must take into account the principle of reciprocity. If you are a citizen of the Schengen countries, the sum of your insurance will be 30,000 euros, as well as for Russian citizens crossing borders of the Schengen countries. The amount covered and specified by your medical expense policy is not equal to the sum you will pay for your it.

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