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28 July 2017

Russian Visa for Hungarian citizens

Russia is a country of incredible proportions and opportunities. Nowadays this state shows very good results in creating and running business, for large and small production of various resources, as well as for the number of tourists from all over the world. Travelers are happy to come here again and again to look at the unique views of nature and large megacities.

What does every tourist do when he is going to another country? The most responsibly things for many of us is the collection of a suitcase and the selection of beautiful things for every occasion of life. But this is far from the most responsibly thing, which we should take care of beforehand. In addition to selecting stylish items and shoes, we must pay attention to the availability of all necessary papers for crossing the border by plane, train, ship or car. The main of these documents is the Visa. If you live in Hungary, you also should do Visa to Russia from Hungary.

How to Get Russian Visa from Hungary?

There are many ways to obtain permission to move abroad. Someone prefers to stand in large queues and constantly visit the embassy, ​​someone draws up an invitation from another country and waits for the delivery of all documents. We and our specialists offer you to simplify the receipt of the Visa and all necessary papers for the flight. Why will our team do this much faster?

  • Practice. We have many years of practice in doing the Visa registration, various licenses and other important documents

  • Time. Experts in our team work quickly and efficiently, so you do not have to wait long for the desired result

  • Partners. We have many partners for issuing Visa all over the world, we cooperate with the embassies of many countries

What is required for a trip to Russia?

Now that you know where to apply for a Russian visa in Hungary, you don't need to worry about the waiting and difficult process of processing all the papers. For many inexperienced tourists, obtaining a Visa seems easy, but it's not. To prepare it you need to prepare in advance - to bring along all the papers, invitations and completed migration forms. This lesson should be taken seriously and in advance - working with little-known companies for Visa processing, you can't be sure of the speed and reliability of their work. That's why you should contact us. Except that we finish all the hard work for you, we give valuable secrets and advice on the most comfortable travel.

Russian visa for Russia for Hungarian citizens

Do you know how to get Russian Visa for a Hungarian passport holder? We will tell you the entire long process of applying for and applying for a visa to visit Russia. All Visas are divided into several types - they operate for a period of 1 month and up to several years. If you are traveling on a job, you should make a Russian Business Visa from Hungary - this is a longer-term permit, which indicates the information about the company or organization in which you are going to work. To do this, put the "work trip" mark on the receipt form.

A visa is a document that unites every traveler regardless of the age and purpose of the trip. You can go to Russia to relax on the beach to stroll through the boundless forests of Taiga, take pictures of the night views of huge cities or get a job in an organization. The main thing is to have a Visa, which is the guarantor of your safe trip. Do Hungarian citizens need a Visa to Russia? Of course. A tourist from any country during the flight must have a package of various documents, including a Visa.

Get now tourist voucher to Russia (Voucher, Confirmation)

Our company specializes in the rapid receipt of a Visa for every traveler. Do you want to save time and not spend big money? Our company will be the perfect choice for you. We will quickly and responsibly solve all your questions, draw up a number of necessary papers and tell you about the most comfortable crossing of any border of the world. You do not have to worry about the level of service - our great experience and lots of client shows that you made the right decision. We wish you pleasant and unforgettable emotions during your travels!

Visa to Russia from Hungary

Type of visa The price Processing time Validation period
Tourist visa invitation 35$ 24 hours 1 - 30 Days
Business visa invitation 353$ 15 Days 3 Months
380$ 15 Days 6 Months
407$ 15 Days 12 Months
Private visa to Russia Why We do not recommend using a private visa?

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Hungary

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