How to behave in Russia

19 Augustus 2016

When visiting a foreign country it is also best to know what is accepted to do in that country and what is considered bad, taboo and even illegal. Every country is different and if when wish to have the best possible experience there we must conform to the rules and regulations present there, be them enforced by law or commonly accepted. Just like every other country, when visiting Russia it is best to behave in a certain way in order to not attract problems and issues on yourself. In this article I will talk about what are the do’s when visiting Russia.

people street moscow

When visiting Russia it is best to take US dollars with you, but only in new bills. Some vendors have been known to refuse to exchange the old dollar bills. It is also best to have your money in $20 bills since they are the easiest to exchange and to also bring a debit card where you should deposit a part of your money.

You have to respect the metro. Moscow has an incredible complex subway system and it can be the best and most cost effective way to get around town. But beware, the Moscow Metro can be a place were you can get pickpocketed or unwantedly involved into a fight. So be sure to be respectful to everyone and don’t flash money and other valuable possessions around the place. It is also courtesy to speak in a silent voice when traveling with the Metro.

metro moscow

Take care of your documents. Always try to get an official copy of your passport and visa when travelling to Russia since you can easily loose them. Also make some Xerox copies just to be sure. In the case you are robbed it will be infinitely easier to get around and resolve your business.

Have a backup. Don’t rely on a fixed sum of money since unwanted scenarios can occur to anyone at any time. Have some money hidden in other places but your pocket.

Don’t be shy to try the Russian tongue when in safe social situations, your Russian friends will appreciate your interest. Just don’t do it in public places, since it can be considered rude sometimes.

If you are a boy it is expected to pay the bill for the date, so don’t try to bargain your way out of this since it could be considered rude.

Always bring a gift when visiting someone. Chocolate or flowers should do the trick, just bring only two flowers or yellow in their color since those are reserved only for funerary.home

Ask a Russian friend to come with you when you go shopping since shop owners there have been caught raising prices when dealing with tourists.

Knowing all of the above will make you feel more at easy and make more friends, just don’t forget to be polite wherever you go and whatever you do, inside and outside of Russia. If you do not have an invitation letter for your vise, you can buy one online, using our site.

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