Visa to Russia for citizens of Georgia

22 July 2017

Despite years of diplomatic relations and work towards the mutual abolition of the visa regime, Georgian citizens are currently still required to obtain a permit to enter Russiaa visa, regardless of the purpose of the visit. The Russians may cross the border of a neighboring state, taking advantage of a visa-free regime.

As a citizen of Georgia to come to Russia?

If you wish to visit Russia legally handle ;to a special office in Tbilisi – Section of Interests of Russia at Embassy of Switzerland, due to the lack of a consular representation of the Russian Federation. Documents are available ;about the financial situation, an official invitation from Russia (a relative or a specialized company), to justify the purpose of visit (tourism, work, transit), and on the basis of the examined data to obtain a visa, which entitles you to entry to Russia.

Invitation for Georgian citizens in Russia

One of the main documents giving the right to a visa is an official invitation of the receiving party. It can provide:

  • Relatives or friends who are residents of the Russian Federation, provided a certain financial security and a permanent registration on the territory of the country.
  • Travel agencies – provided the use of their services, for an additional fee, within the leisure and travel to attractions (business, and other trip type – not in their competence).
  • Our companyhaving huge experience in helping foreigners to obtain documents for entry into Russia with different purposes of visits. The company's operations are legal, what have seen hundreds of our clients – tourists, businessmen and those who come to our country other important cases.


Visa to Russia for citizens of Georgia 2017

Depending on the purpose of the visit, you can get a visa of different type with different period and type of action:

  • Transit for crossing the border of the Russian Federation during a visit to another country. It allows you to stay in the country within 72 hours – long enough for the border crossing on the way to another state.
  • Travel – to travel to Russia in order to visit the sights or relax at the resorts.
  • Working – allowing you to work in Russia for a certain period of time (each situation will be different).
  • Business – for business required for business and their employees
  • Private, guest – to visit the burial site, treatment, etc.
  • Student exclusively for young people while studying in Russia.

Depending on the required number of entrances and exits, there is a single (to back) double (back to back twice) and multiple (unlimited border crossing) visa.

Tourist visa to Russia for citizens of Georgia

This document is necessary to those who are going to visit Russia for the purposes of pilgrimage and leisure. A tourist visa gives the right to unhindered movement across the country to visit the sights, exhibitions,; informal conventions and resorts. Most often, such a document is issued for 1 month – period, which is enough to enjoy the beauty of the remarkable places and get unforgettable impressions from visiting of special events.

Invitation to Russia for citizens of Georgia 2017

To obtain a visa, regardless of its type and purpose, with which is accomplished the trip, it is necessary to obtain an invitation of the receiving party. This is required for security purposes and legislative protection of the rights of citizens entering the territory of the Russian Federation. Here you can learn the details of receiving invitations to fill in a questionnaire.

Visa invitation for citizens of Georgia

The invitation, which is the basic condition for obtaining a visa can be expelled from the Russian citizen, who has permanent registration. At us you can request a visa invitation, if you do not have such relatives or friends, or their status does not permit a formal "invite" the citizens of Georgia.

Please note:

  1. Are completely legal
  2. Do the invitation letters and assistance in obtaining visas, both for normal and urgent
  3. Help in obtaining all types of visas
  4. Followed by consultations at each stage of paperwork

Travel from Georgia to Russia?

Very simple! Enough to have a passport, which expires no earlier than six months after intended return from Russia, the invitation of the host side and visa. For further questions you can write here in the time convenient for you. Guarantee prompt response and complete response!

The cost of visa to Russia for citizens of Georgia

The price of the visa will depend on the following factors:

The presence/absence necessary to receive documents

Required lead-time for obtaining

Visa type; from the point of view of the purpose of travel and number of border crossings

Individual circumstances additional services (if any).

Want to know the cost of visa to Russia for

Visa to Russia from Georgia

Type of visa The price Processing time Validation period
Tourist visa invitation 173$ 24 hours 1 - 30 Days
Business visa invitation 405$ 15 Days 3 Months
429$ 15 Days 6 Months
449$ 15 Days 12 Months
Private visa to Russia Why We do not recommend using a private visa?

Embassy of Russia in Tbilisi, Georgia

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