How not to behave in Russia

18 Augustus 2016

It is crucial for everyone who wants to visit a foreign country for the first time to inform himself about the culture of than country, good case practices, taboo’s and don’ts. Doing so will spare you a lot of trouble with the locals and help you have a good time. So what is that you need to know when visiting Russia? In the following paragraphs we will talk about the don’ts you need to know when visiting Russia. The don’ts are things and behaviors you must avoid if possible.

The first thing when visiting Russia is to not assume that everyone is Russian. There are around one hundred ethnical groups in Russia, all of them taking pride in who they are. So this subject is one best left unexploited until your Russian friends open up to you.​​​​​​​

  • Don’t put all your money in traveler’s checks, there are few places where you can cash them and usually at a large tax.

  • Don’t take taxis alone at night. If there is another person besides the driver in the car, it’s best to avoid that ride. Also appear to be sure when negotiating the price with the cab driver.

  • Declining vodka is not an offense. Even more so if it is backed by a religious or health aspect. Also know that if you accept to party with Russians you will probably end up drunk.

  •  It is a good thing to ask for help, try new words with your friends and ask about customs. Your friends will appreciate your interest in their culture and feel appreciated.

  • Don’t expect very high end standard in restrooms and bathrooms and do not put your feet on the table.

  • If you are a student don’t wear a cap in class and also do not chew gum. The teacher will probably get offended. Also it is forbidden to eat in the classroom.

  • Know that friendly visits take longer than expected, so if you wish to make a short visit to someone it will probably end up an all knighted.

  • Russians cherish their friends so don’t hesitate to open your soul to them and to new experiences. You time in Russia will fly by very fast and your experiences will be all that matter.

  • Russian cities have many shops, coffee shops and theaters. Don’t stay up locked in your dorm? Go out there, explore enjoy and have fun, whilst making lots of new friends. Don’t forget that Russian stereotypes are usually just that, stereotypes and everyone is different.

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